$25 off when you add two additional services* with your home inspection

Additional services include: Radon, Wood Destroying Insects, Water Quality Samples, Mold swab, Air Quality Samples, Asbestos, Lead, Meth *Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Home Inspection

Up to 1000 sq.ft. $385
1001-1500 sq.ft. $405
1501-2000 sq.ft. $425
2001-2500 sq.ft. $445
2501-3000 sq.ft. $475
3001-3500 sq.ft. $515
3501-4000 sq.ft. $535
4001-4500 sq.ft. $575
4501-5000 sq.ft. $615
5001-5500 sq.ft. $635
6000 over .18 sq. ft. add $50 for extra kitchen

Condo $350
Pre-drywall inspections $350

11th Month Warranty Inspection $350

All Prices are subject to change.

Older Homes

1900-1919 add $100
1920-1929 add $75
1930-1939 add $50
1940-1949 add $50
1950-1959 add $25
1960-1969 add $25
1970-1979 add $25
1980-1985 add $25

Additional Inspections

Radon without Inspection $180
Radon with inspection $145
Mold Air Quality starting at $325
Mold Swab $125
additional samples $50
Termite Inspection (3rd party) $90
Termite Detached garage add $35
Water Samples: Bacteria w/o inspection $150 w/inspection $140 Bacteria Sample covers E. coli and coliform.
USDA/FHA Sample w/o inspection $265 w/inspection $215 Full panel covers e coli, coliform, nitrate, nitrite, and lead.

Results in 24 hours Monday-Saturday.

3 Pack Inspection Bundle

Includes: Pre-drywall, Post Construction, and 11th Month Builder Warranty Inspections.

Welcome to The Inspection Co., your trusted source for home inspections in the Triad-Triangle-Metrolina area. Our team of experienced inspectors is here to provide you with top-notch service and ensure that your home is safe and sound. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, our comprehensive inspections cover everything from radon and water quality to wood destroying insects and mold. With our 3 Pack Inspection Bundle, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with pre-drywall, post-construction, and 11th Month Builder Warranty Inspections. Don’t wait, schedule your inspection today!