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Home Inspection Services With Certified Master Inspector Dean Young

What We Inspect

Roofing system
Structure (Non-engineering)
Exterior components
Electrical system
Heating and Air Conditioning system
Plumbing system
Insulation and Air/Vapor Barriers
Interior components
Mechanical and Natural Ventilation systems

We follow the North Carolina Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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Buyer’s Inspection

This happens after a buyer has made an offer on a home and before closing the sale. After the inspection, the buyer can renegotiate their offer if issues arise. This allows the buyer to make sure they are paying a fair price before they make the big final decision.

New Construction

If a home is still under construction, then this inspection can be performed. A first inspection is carried out, so the inspector can examine the framing and installation of systems. It is inspected a second time in order to inspect everything else once the home is completed.

11 Month / Builder’s Warranty

Just before the builder’s warranty expires, this inspection is carried out. It is very important to find defects in the home that may have happened during the homeownership process and may have not been found before. This helps the homeowner to avoid paying out of pocket for the defect.

4-Point Inspection

This is completed to assess the tools that insurance underwriters and insurance companies use to determine risk. The components inspected include the electrical system, plumbing system, roof and structure, and HVAC system. This identifies the key areas that most commonly result in insurance claims.


No matter who does the work, improper repairs are common in real-estate transactions. A re-inspection is performed if the buyer has doubts about the quality of work being performed and to ensure that any repairs made by the seller are up to code and done well. 

WDO / Termite Inspection

This is a type of inspection done to check for wood-destroying organisms, including termites. The attic is inspected for small damage that may point to a housing issue. This also identifies conditions that could lead to an infestation or conditions that support an existing one.

Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection

Before someone places their property on the market, this inspection can provide the seller with upfront information about the condition of the property. This allows them more control over repairs and may strengthen their negotiating position. It communicates to potential buyers that the seller is operating in good faith.

New Construction Phase Inspections

While a home is being constructed, this inspection is performed for people who want an objective, honest and professional opinion on the quality and installation practices being used in their home. It ensures that building defects are not being concealed and that the homeowner is aware of them.

Home Maintenance Inspection

This is designed to look for routine maintenance or any repairs that may have gone overlooked. It helps to identify any seemingly minor problems with the home that could be hazardous or expensive to fix in the future.

Loan Draw Inspection

Inspectors will visit the worksite to evaluate the progress against what has been reported. This inspection validates that all work items and materials included are in place. This also can assist in calculating the appropriate release of funds.

Radon Testing

This tests for radon, an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that breaks down in soil, rock, and water. It is recommended by the Surgeon General and EPA that this be tested for below the third floor in all homes due to its harmful cancer-causing properties. 

Water Testing

Some chemical contaminants found in a water source can cause long-term health problems that develop over several years. A water inspection can identify unsafe water and ensure that the water treatment system is satisfactory.

Home Inspection Services With Certified Master Inspector Dean Young

Tools and Technology

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging requires a device that translates heat into visible light. This helps to analyze the surroundings, specifically for detecting living things and mechanical equipment. It is precise, making these things visible in the dark.

Moisture Meter

This is a tool that measures the moisture content of various building materials. This includes roofing, siding, insulation, drywall, plaster, wood, tile, and fiberglass. It can help detect moisture that would not otherwise be seen.

Gas Leak Detector

Using a handheld combustible gas leak detector, gas leaks within your home can be identified. Natural gases and propane gas are both widely used in homes in many different devices and are composed of methane. It is best to stay on the safe side and keep these in check.

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